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How to install strut bladders

    1. Fold the hip of the bladder inside itself.
  (If you do not do this the bladder will fold under and not fill the hip)

2. Note the orientation of the plug/flap on the valve.

3. Pull the strut thru being sure not to twist. 

4. Push the valve a bit beyond the hole with your finger, then align and pull valve into place. 

5. Do not tug on the tip of the bladder there needs to be excess inside. 

6. Fold the tip, being sure there is excess inside.

7. Secure the tip with the Velcro.

8. Pump up 2/3 of the way.

9. Be sure that you can feel bladder in all cavities of the sleeve, even with low pressure.
(You may need to massage and or shake the strut to get it seated properly)

10. Pump up 8/10 of the way.

11. Check that there is bladder in all cavities.

12. Pump it tight.

  Tips for pumping up your kite

1.  Pump up about of the way.

2.  Check for wrinkles or twists before continuing.

3.  If there are any twists or voids you will blow bladder.

4.  Also if the bladder is not seated properly the steering will be affected.

5.  When the orientation looks good, slowly pump up and check as you go.

6.  Moving and shaking the leading edge seems to help.

7.  Sometimes there is no other option other than reinstalling.  

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