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  I have developed methods for repairing kite bladders
       with little or no compromise in strength or shape. 
If you have any problem with any areas I repair, I will redo free of charge
Repair a blown or ripped leading edge bladder for $30 to $70 + shipping
       Option 1. You remove bladder from kite and ship to me.
       Option 2. Send me the entire kite with bladder.
                     I will remove, repair, reinstall and test.
                        $30 to $60 additional for option 2.

Examples of repairs I have done...

Large Hole1 Fixed..         Large Hole2 Fixed..

Rip In Bladder ..                 Rip In Bladder Fixed..

Small Hole Near Valve ..         Small Hole Fixed..

Exploded Tip..                     Exploded Tip Fixed..

How to remove leading edge bladder

1.  Open the end tips on the leading edge (note the mechanism for reinsertion).

2.  Carefully pull out the end of the bladder about 6 to 8

3.  Tie a line to each end of the bladder.   (Allow enough line to reach 1 to 2 feet beyond the access near the center)        

4.  Carefully pull the bladder from the center access opening so the line comes thru the access.

5.  Untie the line from the tip of the bladder and leave the line in the L.E.

6.  Secure the line so it remains in the pocket to assist in reinsertion.

7.  Repeat steps 1 thru 6 for the other side of the leading edge.

8. Be sure to secure lines so they remain in the pocket to assist in reinsertion. 

Getting your bladder repaired:

          Mark the damaged area, if it is not obvious.

          Send a simple diagram of the areas to be repaired.

Please attach your name, address, phone number and email address to the bladder.

Send to                                                                                                              Jim Haddox                                                                                                          58 SeaviewDrive                                                                                              Ormond Beach, FL 32176            

I will repair your kite bladder and returned to the address you give me. If you use a shipping depot type service please put your return address inside the box. Please use a box, the bags get damaged.

 Typical time to complete repair is 7 to 30 days excluding weekend 

If you have any questions about repairs, email me. jhaddox@cfl.rr.com or call at 386-847-0483 

Email me for valve repair. 


Recycled and New Bladders

Refer to  Custom Leading Edges  or  Custom Struts for details..    


You may pay with personal check, PayPal, postal money order.

          Contact information         

Jim Haddox                                                                                                                                                              58 Seaview Drive                                                                                            Ormond Beach, FL 32176                    

Email   mailto:jhaddox@cfl.rr.com    Phone   386-847-0483



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